Vigil against fracking

Friday, 24. November 2017 -
13:00 to 15:00
Cuadrilla's fracking site at Preston New Road, Lancashire

‘Quaker Vigil continues at Preston New Road

Quakers from Lancashire, Yorkshire and across the north will resume their peaceful vigil at Cuadrilla's fracking site at Preston New Road, Lancashire on Friday 24 November 1pm.  People of all backgrounds are invited to join them as they sit in a circle in silence in front of the gates to the fracking site.

This tradition of silent witness and peaceful protest has a long history in the Quaker Movement. 

“Climate breakdown is upon us hurricanes, wildfires, drought and worse. It feels very important for people of faith to stand alongside all the other groups who are working to protect our planet and its people from the extraction of more fossil fuels.”

 Cliodhna Mulhern, 61, Quaker, Lancaster

Sue Day, a 67 year old Quaker from Lancaster, said: "Quakers believe that we have a responsibility towards the planet. Two of my children live in the US and have been directly been impacted by fracking and recent extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change"


Quakers are calling for a ban on all intensive forms of fossil fuel extraction, including fracking, and earlier this year, national Quakers in Britain issued this statement, "We have faith that we can tackle climate change and build a more sustainable future, but we know this is only possible if fossil fuels remain underground."

Quakers have worked to reduce the power of the fossil fuel industry for a number of years.  Nationally Quakers stopped investing in fossil fuel companies in 2013, and over a quarter of regional groups have followed suit.  More recently local Quakers have spoken out against fracking and attended actions at proposed fracking sites

On the last Friday of every month a ‘No Faith in Fracking’ action takes place at the Preston New Road Site. People from a range of faith backgrounds join the anti-fracking action with their own style of prayerful protest. An ecumenical service at the Preston New Road site in early October was organised by local members of the Global Catholic Climate Movement and drew substantial numbers in prayerful protest.


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