Area Meeting

Distant Healing Day

Saturday, 9. April 2016 - 11:00 to 15:00
Stockport Quaker Meeting House

Disley and Stockport Friends Fellowship of Healing groups invite you to join in a distant healing day.

Healing is love in action.

                                     Theo Gimbel

For those not familiar with ‘distant healing’, the aim is
to ask to be used as conduits or channels of healing, recognising that there is only One Healer and that
Healer is God (or ‘universal life-force energy’, if you prefer).

This healing energy is available to us when we
tune in to the presence of God, have a clear intention of who/what is in need of healing, and then ‘release’ that intention, or ‘let go and let God’. 

Though we can do this as individuals, our experience is
that when we meet as a group, the spiritual energy
somehow seems far greater than just the sum of the individuals present.

                                                                                                        Towards Wholeness

         Healing means:

               To cure sometimes –

                          To relieve often –     

                                     To comfort always.

  Edward Livingstone Trudeau

Stay as long as you wish.

Bring your own lunch. Drinks will be provided.

For further information contact Leonora Dobson 01663 743 551 or Ed Warne 0161 432 1878.