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Whilst the Bible is the source of almost all the testimonies and the ways of Friends, Quakers today do not generally regard any book as being the actual ‘word of God’. There cannot be many Quaker meetings where the Bible has a central position in the whole group’s worship or thinking. Most Friends regard the Bible as an important inspirational book, but not as the only one. Our Advices and Queries ask, ‘Are you open to new light, from whatever source it may come?’

Quaker Faith and Practice is a selection of pieces and extracts written by Quakers and by Quaker meetings or committees, from the earliest times up to the present. It is revised every generation or so. In over 600 pages it offers practical information, advice, guidance, comfort and inspiration on the workings of Quakerism and on the spiritual life. It is the work of reference for the administration of the society, setting out all the procedures that must be followed. On spiritual matters it offers help but it makes no formal pronouncements: that is not how Quakerism works.

Advices and Queries is a booklet of reminders and reflections offering support and guidance for the conduct of one’s daily life, having especial regard to one’s Quaker values and commitments.The contents are revised periodically, so they are entirely relevant to modern life.

Most meetings have a library of books about Quakerism in particular and also about other more or less related subjects.

The Book of Meetings (on sale to the public and annually updated) gives contact details and other information regarding BYM, its meetings and its central work.

Most meetings provide a range of small leaflets on various aspects of Quakerism.

All of the above items can be had from the Quaker Bookshop, 020 7336 1030,

Quaker periodicals include: The Friend (weekly, on sale to the public), the nearest thing we have to an official bulletin, but independent of BYM and consisting largely of contributions from the membership; Quaker News (quarterly, offered to members and attenders), an update on Quaker work in the care of BYM; and Quaker Voices (bi-monthly, on sale to the public), a selection of reflections written by members and others on Quaker experience and thought, published by Quaker Life (a department of BYM).