What Do Quakers Believe In? Simplicity.

Picture reproduced by kind permission of Horfield Quaker Meeting, Bristol


Since early times Friends have attached great importance to simplicity in their lives. We find that living a simple, uncluttered life allows time and space for thought, worship and action. We reject excessive attachment to material possessions, which tends to distort one’s values and lead to selfishness. 

Quakers are aware that wealth and luxury for one person come at the expense of need and poverty for another. Quakers are among the supporters of movements such as Fair Trade and Trade Justice. We are very aware of our responsibility to husband the earth’s resources and to work for sustainability, and of the effects that our consumption may have on global warming. 

Quakers worship generally in simple meeting houses, usually seated around a central table decorated with a few flowers. The meeting room is usually not adorned by anything which might distract Friends from their openness to the leadings of the Spirit. The format of the worship itself is also very simple.